Marex, King of the Sea.

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Almost four decades has passed since the first Marex was launched. During this time Marex has remained a family company, slowly becoming one of the biggest and most solid Norwegian boat manufactures in a very volatile business. This has been achieved through excellent leadership and a consistent investment in advanced boat building technology.

Marex is known all over Europe for its quality and stability and has a continuous evolution of its boats. Decades of producing and testing boats has given results. Marex has a reputation for unique craftsmanship and excellent marine engineering at competitive prices. The Company is proud of having customers coming back for their fourth and fifth Marex.

Marex was founded by Eyvin Aalrud in 1973. The name was taken from the two Latin words MARE - REX, which means " KING OF THE SEA" The Marex tradition continues today, through Eyvind Aalrud' sons Espen and Thomas Aalrud.

Marex manufacture complete luxury boats up to 11 meters, and our product range consist today of 7 models from 21 to 37 feet. Our two factory facilities are located in Arendal, Norway with the Manager Stian Wes°y and in Kaunas Lithuania with the Manager Saulius Pajarskas. The total production area is approx 13 000 square meters. We employ approx 80 dedicated people and had in 2007 net sales of 100 million NOK. The boats are mainly exported to a network of dealers in Europe. We are delivering to a market with a very quality-demanding group of customers. The Marex exhibition program now consists of 17 boat exhibitions in 10 different countries.

A customer satisfaction survey conducted by Europe's largest Boat magazine, the German Magazine Boote, asked close to 2 300 experienced boat owners to rank boat manufactures according to excellent in a number of important areas. Marex was ranked at the very top with regards to quality, finish, high second hand value and reliability. The survey concluded that Marex boats feature first class craftsmanship, attractive design, excellent seaworthiness and practical solutions for the boat owner.

Marex has won many prestiges's award for its boats, including Norwegian design Award, two times winner of Best Boat Award at Oslo International Boat show, European Motorboat of the year 2010, Highly Commended Award 2010.

A selection of our boats :